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River Warta

skwierzyna warta warthe

A late 1910s image of swimmers and onlookers in the River Warta.

A hotel and the river bridge over the River Warta in Skwierzyna

The Warta river is the third longest river in Poland and extends for just over 800 kilometres. The river starts near the town of Zawiercie in Upper Silesia and ends when it meets the River Odra in Kostrzyn (on the German / Polish border). On route it passes through numerous interesting towns including: Gorzow, Santok, Sierakow, Skwierzyna, Miedzychod, Wronki, Konin, and Czestochowa. And, of course, the main city on the Warta River, the capital of Wielkopolska, Poznan. The river Warta is connected to Poland's major river, the river Vistula by the river Notec and the Bydgoszcz Canal. Two of the Warta's tributaries include the Obra and the Liswarta. Many of these rivers, including the western section of the Warta River, make great canoeing and kayaking routes.

Hire canoes and kayaks for a paddle along the river Warta.

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Warta river

German name: Warthe

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