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Stare Kurowo

Stare Kurowo Altcarbe

An old picture postcard featuring five photographs of Stare Kurowo / Alt Carbe, c.1900.

stare kurowo

Four old images of Stare Kurowo / Alt Karbe, c.1940

the tiny narrow gauge railway in Stare Kurowo, Lubuskie, Poland

The small town of Stare Kurowo in Lubuskie has as several other locations throughout Poland used to have a short 600mm gauge railway line. The railway wagons are moved around the few hundred metres of track by a small diesel locomotive and operates from a concrete block works to within a few metres of the mainline PKP line. The line crosses the main road through the town and because of this there is also a manually operated level crossing.

Polish Name: Stare Kurowo

German Name: Altcarbe / Altkarbe

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzów Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Bierzwnik; Buszow; Dankow; Dobiegniew; Drawsko; Drezdenko; Górecko; Gorki; Gościm; Kawczyn; Kosin; Krzyz; Lipki; Mierzecin; Santok; Stare Bielice; Strzelce Krajenskie; Zwierzyn

Local Attractions: forests, unspoilt countryside, narrow gauge industrial railway, Notec River.

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