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Skwierzyna (main page)

Here are some links to the webpages of firms, business and personal webpages with a connection to Skwierzyna. Contact us if you would like a link to your website added.


Landrover Klub Polska - the Polish Land Rover Owners Club active in and around Skwierzyna.

Camping Poland - a small camping ground in the Skwierzyna area.

Przysmaki Skwierzynskie - Skwierzyna Meat Products

Sorba - Sports, Camping and Tourism shop, Skwierzyna

Images of Schwerin Warthe - Schwerin postcards

Skwierzyna - our sister site about Skwierzyna



German Name: Schwerin a/d w

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzów Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew, Glebokie, Kalsko, Lagow, Lubniewice, Miedzyrzecz, Murzynowo, Popowo, Rokitno, Trzebiszewo, Wojciechowo

Local Attractions: castle, museum, historic buildings, forests, Jewish cemetery, Miedzyrzecz fortifications and Nietoperek bat reserve, Roadside Shrines, Slonsk Bird Reserve

Useful Links:

Polish Translation

Polish Ancestry Research and Guided Tours



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