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River Obra

The bridge over the river Obra in Skwierzyna, Lebus, Polen. A canoe and kayak must-do. 

The road bridge over the picturesque River Obra in Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland.

The Obra river is a tributary of the Warta river. It has a length of 165 kilometres and leaves the Warta river at the town of Skwierzyna and ends south of the town of Zbaszyn. On route it passes through a number of picturesque and historic towns including: Bledzew, Kargowa, Krzywin, Miedzyrzecz, and Trzciel; and feeds a couple large and fish-filled lakes. 

It is possible to canoe from Zbaszyn, Babimost or Trzciel to Skwierzyna, along the route of the river, and as the route takes you through some heavily forested areas and attractive countryside it is a journey well worth taking. The Obra River canoe trail is a relatively easy paddle, apart from the odd tricky section and fallen tree, to canoe and therefore can be also recommended to canoeists and kayakers of all levels from beginner up to the most advanced canoe enthusiast.

The Flora and fauna of the area around the River Obra is varied and unique. Fauna include: orchids, cranberry, sundews, mud sedge, club-mosses, Daphne, and Turk's cap lily, and over 200 species of mosses, and a similar number of fungi are found in the Obra area. Trees include: beautiful oak and beech trees and Scots Pine. Birds are abundant and are represented by over 150 species. Particularly important species include: sea eagle, osprey, goldeneagle, goosander, eagle owl, black stork, lack woodpecker, and corncrake. Seven species of reptiles, including swamp turtle. In total, there are about 40 species of mammals that can be seen along the banks of the river Obra, including beaver, river otter, deer, badgers, hare, and wild boar. Fish caught in the river Obra and lakes include: catfish, river trout, grayling, lake trout, powan, whitefish, barbel, vimba, and salmon. In total more than 30 species of fish!

There is also an interesting local legend connected with the Obra river. This legend is centred around the northern part of the river, near Bledzew, and in particular, Lake Czapliniec, and tells of a giant long-lived 'fish' (some say monster!), which is said to eat ducks, swans and even small dogs.

Hire canoes and kayaks for an adventure holiday on the river Obra.

Obra river near Trzciel  Obra river near Bledzew

obra river

Three images of the River Obra in and around Miedzyrzecz in Lubuskie, western Poland.


Obra river

German name: Obra

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzow Wlkp.

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew; Kargowa; Lagow; Lubniewice; Lutol Mokry; Miedzyrzecz; Rokitno; Skwierzyna; Strzyzewo; Trzciel; Wojciechowo; Zbaszyn

Local Attractions: abundant wildlife; fishing; canoeing; kayaking; bird watching; Miedzyrzecz fortifications; Nietoperek bat reserve; Notecka Forest; Paradyz; numerous lakes suitable for swimming.

Closest Airports: Berlin; Poznan; Zielona Gora-Babimost

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The Obra is a fantastic river for lovers of nature, canoeing and the great outdoors. Forget the Mazury lakes, this area is much better and has few tourists, so far!

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