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 Old images and postcards of Soldin

mysliborz soldin

An old picture postcard of Soldin / Mysliborz with a Nazi flag flying from the town hall. This postcard was posted to Koenigswalde / Lubniewice in 1941.

mysliborz poland

Three different views of the attractive town hall in Mysliborz through time. The first dating back to 1941 when the town was called Soldin. The second image to the mid 1970s. And the photograph below taken this year and featuring some locals taking in the days comings and goings. Mysliborz has two rather beautiful lakes and the remains of medieval fortifications including two towers – the Pyrzycka Gate and the Gunpowder Gate. Mysliborz also has a number of interesting half-timbered houses from the 19th century.

Mysliborz, Poland


Polish name: Myślibórz

German Name: Soldin (Neumark)

Province: Zachodniopomorskie - Western Pomerania (Pommern)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow; Szczecin

Nearby Villages and Towns: Banie; Barlinek; Boleszkowice; Cedynia; Chojna; Cychry; Dankow; Debno; KarskoLipiany; Lobez; Lubiszyn; Mieszkowice; Moryń, Nowogrodek Pomorski; Okunie; Pelczyce; Piaseczno; Pyrzyce; Przelewice; Trzcinsko Zdroj; Warnice; Węgorzyno

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