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Lipki Wielkie

lipki wielkie lipke

An archive photograph of a shop in the centre of Lipki Wiekie (Lipke Nm), c.1920.

lipki wielkie

The railway station in Lipki Wiekie, then Lipke Neumark, c.1933. 

Lipki Wielki, Lubuskie, Polen

The main street and bus stop in the centre of Lipki Wieki. The small car is a 'maluch' - a once popular Polish made Fiat, which has its engine in the back. 


Lipki Wielkie is a village 20 km east of Gorzow Wlkp. It is situated on the edge of the NoteŠ valley and the NoteŠ Forest.

Between 1940 and 1945 there was a prisoner of war soldiers camp which had its  headquarters at Stalag IIIc in Drzewice.

In Lipki today, we can visit neo-Romanesque church from the beginning of XX century and a stone obelisk built by inhabitants for Polish revolutionary J. Marchlewski.

There is also a palace surrounded by a park.

Around the village of Lipki there are many things which nature fans can do. These attractions include: walking in the forests, picking mushrooms, berries and swimming in the crystal clear nearby lakes. In fact the whole of this part of Lubuskie offers visitors the chance to really escape from the 21st century! If one is a fan of horses then one can find horse-riding in a few farms near Lipki.

Polish name: Lipki Wielkie

German name: Lipke (Neumark)

Province : Lubuskie / Lebus / Lubusz

Nearest City: Gorzˇw Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Brzezinka; Dobrojewo; Drezdenko; Gorecko; Gorki; Goscim; Goscimiec; Goszczanowiec; Lipki Male; Nowe Polichno; Santok; Stare Polichno; Strzelce Krajenskie; Skwierzyna; Swiniary; Zwierzyn

Local Attractions: Notecka forest, unspoilt countryside


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