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Here are some photographs of pre-second-world-war Konigsberg, Germany. Since 1945 the city has been called Chojna and is now part of Poland. We do not sell old postcards and photographs but we might be able to supply you with a high quality digital scan of images of most places in Poland. We have a large collection of many interesting postcards and photographs from Konigsberg and Neumark. We can also supply old maps and present day photographs of Konigsberg (Chojna) and other areas in modern Poland.

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German name: Königsberg Neumark

Polish name: Chojna

Province: Zachodniopomorskie (before 1945, East Brandenburg / Pommern)

Nearest City: Szczecin

Nearby Villages and Towns: Brwice, Czachow (Hohen), Debno, Krzymow, Cedynia (Zehden), Trzcinsko Zoroj, Swobnica (Marienwerder), Moryn (Lubbichow), Mieszkowice, Mysliborz (Soldin), Rurka, Schwedt (in Germany), Widuchowa (Fiddichow)

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